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Hardware suggestions:

Some pieces of hardware you might want to add to your Amiga 600:

- 3.1 ROM: If you want to use the current 3.9 operating system (and you will if you want to use current software), you need to replace the Amiga 600's "Kickstart ROM" with a 3.1 version. You can still get these ROMs in many Amiga shops (see links page). 3.1 ROMs have a 40.xx version number. The following picture shows my Kick 3.1 ROM (produced by ESCOM, who owned Amiga for a while):

- PCMCIA network card: This will allow you to take part in a TCP/IP network using the "cnet.device" (see software suggestions) and a TCP/IP stack (OS 3.9 has one built in). Make sure the card you use is supported by the cnet.device.

- Silversurfer from Individual Computers: If you want to use a modem to dial the Internet, this will give your Amiga 600 a fast (460800 bps), buffered serial port. It fits inside the A600's case and is formed to fit even when an Apollo is used.

- HD Disk drive: The Amiga 600 comes with a 880k double density disk drive. You can replace this with a 1760k high density drive. Be careful: These are special drives. PC drives will NOT work. HD disk drives are expensive, though.

- PCMCIA CD-ROM controller: There are some PCMCIA controllers that will allow to connect a CD-ROM or other ATAPI drives to the Amiga 600. If you are not planning to participate in a network, this will be a good usage of your PCMCIA port. See http://www.amiga-hardware.com for an overview of what was available. You will need to find these items used on ebay.

- Flickerfixer: The Amiga 600's native VGA modes only support 4 colors and are slow. Its normal 15 kHz PAL/NTSC modes require an old RGB or Multisync monitor and an adapter to get it connected. A flickerfixer will double the scan rate of those (much faster) graphics modes and deflicker the interlaced modes so you can use them on a normal VGA monitor. Individual Computers sell  an external flicker fixer called "Indivision" that can be used with the A600. You might also find an external flickerfixer on ebay.

- Graffiti card: This small "graphics card" (again from Individual Computers) connects between the Amigas monitor connector and the monitor itself. It provides the Amiga with chunky (= fast) graphics modes, capable of displaying up to 256 colors out of 262144. This card is supported by some 3D ego shooter games and can display as much as 384 x 576 pixels in 256 colors on the A600 (even more on AA equipped Amigas). It can however not be combined with Flickerfixers and display only 15 kHz graphics modes (PAL/NTSC).