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For suggestions and comments please feel free to contact the author of this page. This site is owned and maintained by Christian Krenner (ICQ #26589882).
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18 September 2010: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 will be displayed at the Classic Computing 2010 in Walddorf near Stuttgart on 2/3 Oct 2010!

16 September 2010: Just discovered that the visitors counter seems to be broken/reset :-(. I don't know what exactly happened. The last time I intentionally looked at it, it counted around 65,000 visitors. I assume it is a 16 bit counter that has reset to 0 after 65535 visitors. So most likely, just add 65535 to the current visitors count to get the real figure...

25 March 2010: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 will be displayed at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 2010 in Munich on 1 May 2010! The VCFe is still one of the best Vintage Computing Shows on the continent and absolutely worth a visit! See you there!

03 January 2010: The Extreme Amiga 600 is featured on the German podcast Pofacs, issue 66. Don't miss it!

29 October 2009: Another small upgrade: Replaced the Amiga's hard drive with a 32 GB Compact Flash module. It now silently boots its OS from the CF card.

25 October 2009: Major upgrade to the Amiga 600: It is now equipped with a Indivision ECS card, allowing it to display resolutions up to 1024 x 768 and even 720p (1280 x 720) on TFT monitors! For more details check out the "How to upgrade..." section!

12 September 2009: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 was displayed at the Xzentrix in Seeshaupt today.

09 March 2008: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 was displayed at the Image Hardware Meeting in Nuremberg today. The meeting was well attended by approximately 30 Amigans with their machines. Michael Boehmer showed his new USB card "Deneb" in action. Thanks to the Image computer club for this great meeting!

09 March 2008: Since the Amiga 600 has received a brand new Chip RAM expansion from Individual Computer, it now has got two clockports which will allow to further upgrade the machine. I am therefore looking forward to upgrading the machine with a nice sound card. Stay tuned for more news on this!

01 March 2008: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 will be displayed at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe 2008 in Munich on 26 / 27 April 2008! The VCFe is still one of the best Vintage Computing Shows on the continent and absolutely worth a visit! Stay tuned for more news on this!

07 April 2007: The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 to be displayed at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe in Munich on 29 April 2007! The Extremely Upgraded Amiga 600 will be displayed at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe on April 29. The VCFe is one of the best Vintage Computing Shows on the continent and absolutely worth a visit! The Amiga 600 will displayed as part of a setup demonstrating a typical late 80s / early 90s cross development environment.

23 July 2005: Today, the Amiga celebrates its 20th birthday!. Twenty years ago at the Licoln center in New York the Amiga was presented to the astonished public for the first time. Rumor mills had been quite active beforehand, discussing the top secret and allegedly incredible features of this new power machine. And users were not to be disappointed: 4096 colors, animation, stereo sound, speech synthesis, all combined with a fast and intuitive multitasking operating system at an afforable price -- that was unknown to the world at the time. The Amiga was so advanced, it was superior to any other computer for almost a decade. The Amiga 600 that this page is dedicated to is one of the less famous descendants of the original Commodore Amiga since it was (quite unlike other Amigas) little expandable. But as you can see on this page, things can be much different than they look like at first sight. So happy birthday, Amiga!!!

14 January 2005: The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page celebrates its 2nd birthday!. To celebrate I have posted the weirdest and most impressing upgraded Amiga 600 pictures I have received from visitors of www.amiga600.de in a Users Gallery! You can find a link to the gallery on the left hand navigation bar. The Users Gallery is kindly hosted by the Computerfreunde Ries computer club. Thanks to Klaus Dürr for his help! If you register with their page you can even upload your own Amiga 600 pictures. Registration doesn't have any side effects. So I am looking forward to your contributions!

18 December 2004: Merry Christmas to all www.amiga600.de visitors out there! I am planning to add a Users Gallery to this web page! So all you upgraded Amiga 600 users out there: Please send me emails with pictures of you and your machines and let me know the specs. I am looking forward to your contributions. Thank you!

30 October 2004: Today we’ve had the 23,000thvisitor on our page! This is amazing! Thanks to all surfing by. Due to a severe lack of spare time I haven’t been able to update the page for quite a while. However, things have progressed (albeit slowly). I identified the culprit that made the hard disk of my A600 crash: I was the old PC PSU I used to power the machine. I have replaced it with a brand new one from Elbox that already comes with a plug that fits the Amiga 600. Now things run smoothly. I however need to find some time to reinstall the system. Meanwhile I have various plans to further (!) upgrade the machine… so stay tuned!

28 May 2004: The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading page has proudly welcomed its 19,000th visitor! Thanks to all surfing by!

22 May 2004: Great news for Amiga 600 fans! Individual Computers are planning to produce a batch of brand new Apollo 630 processor cards (like the one used in the Amiga 600 on this page)! The intended price is 130 €. This will only happen though, if enough people show their interest. They need at least 50 purchasers. Please email Matthias Bertram if you want one.

10 April 2004: User Alex Holland has posted an interesting Amiga 600 related FAQ in the forum. This should answer some of the questions A600 owners might have. Check it out in the forum!

10 April 2004: Happy Easter Holidays to all visitors!

28 February 2004: The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page has been translated into German! Use the "Home / Deutsch" Link in the navigation bar to get to the German version.

28 February 2004: The Amiga 600 page has proudly welcomed its 15,000th visitor!

19 Januar 2004: The Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading Page celebrates its first birthday! We've almost had 14,000 visitors since. Thanks to all surfing by! Also, I'd like to again point out the forum I have installed a few weeks ago. It had been frequently requested but it has not been used much so far...

26 December 2003: Better late than never: Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all visitors of www.amiga600.de!

12 December 2003: More than 13,000 visitors! Thanks to all surfing by!

11 December 2003: Finally found time to try and save the data on my dying hard disk. Plugged the hard disk into my Pegasos (which by the way is a GREAT fully Amiga compatible PPC computer). It recognized the partitions right away and I managed to backup most data. The hard disk however does have defective sectors and I cannot boot the system anymore. Therefore the A600 will be offline for the time being... :-( Hard disk donations are always welcome! ;-)

21 November 2003: Major problem!! The 2,5" hard drive in my Amiga 600 seems to be in the process of dying! It makes strange, loud clicking noises whereupon the system crashes. What to do now? Should I rely on IDE hard drives' self healing capability and try again and again or do a quick backup? But how? All you www.amiga600.de users out there, please HELP! Thanks for any emails with tips in advance!!

19 October 2003: After a long, hot summer in Germany and a beautiful holiday trip to the U.S. it is finally time for another update of the Amiga 600 page. Changed the A600 picture on the title page to a nicer one, as you've probably already seen and added a forum for discussions around the A600 topic. The forum is hosted by the German computer club "Amiga Freunde Ries" so thanks to them for their support! You will need to create an account and log in to write articles in their forum. Hope to see you all there soon!

1 August 2003: More than 10,000 visitors! Amazing! Thanks to all surfing by!

27 July 2003: Fixed the broken links to the Subway and Highway pages in the USB section. Thanks to Chris for the hint.

11 July 2003: Updated the downloadable picture archives in the Links section. Now they really contain all pictures from this site (including the USB pictures).

10 July 2003: Added a banner link to the "Amizilla" project on the main page. Amizilla is trying to bring the Mozilla internet browser to the Amiga. A project well worth supporting!

28 June 2003: Sorry for delays in page updates. Had a bad hard disk crash the other week. Not the Amiga 600 but my main computer. Had to get it running again which took some time... 

18 June 2003: The OS 4 on Tour roadshow is over. It was fun to see my upgraded Amiga 600 next to all those high end PPC Amigas running OS 4. I'll will post pictures once I've created the new "Picture gallery" section. Meanwhile you can take a look at pictures of the show here.

31 May 2003: I will display my upgraded Amiga 600 on the "OS 4 on Tour Roadshow" on 14 June 2003 in Augsburg, Germany. The show will be hosted by the Amiga Club Augsburg and KDH Datentechnik and will be the first public display of the new PPC native Amiga OS 4 in Germany. And you will be able to see that the Amiga 600 on this page is not a fake ;-) So, hope to see you all there!

30 May 2003: The USB ports have now been nicely integrated with the case and the disk drive has been put back in. Further pictures showing this added to the USB page.

24 May 2003: www.amiga600.de has now got its own web space! Please change your links in case they refer to the old www.ck-infosysteme.de/a600 webspace which is no longer valid. Thanks!

24 May 2003: More than 8000 visitors! Thanks to all surfing by!

10 May 2003: Updated the USB page with more pictures and benchmark information.

19 Apr 2003: Happy Easter holidays to all surfing by!

13 Apr 2003: USB is working! The upgrade of the Amiga 600 with the USB card "Subway" was successful. My Amiga 600 therefore should be the only Amiga 600 world wide that has got fully working USB ports! See the new USB page for details.

4 Apr 2003: Some minor updates. The special clockport adapter has arrived. This will hopefully allow me to upgrade the A600 with USB. Stay tuned!

22 Mar 2003: More than 5000 visitors! Thanks to all for surfing by! Stay tuned for the USB upgrade which is currently in progress. I hope that I will be able to report a success during the next couple of weeks.

17 Mar 2003: Future plans: I am currently investigating possibilities to equip the Amiga 600 with USB ports and an internal flickerfixer. So stay tuned...

9 Mar 2003: MAJOR UPDATE!! Most sections now have more and better pictures and are now complete.

1 Mar 2003: SysSpeed 2.6 module added (for those who want to compare...). To be found in the "Links and Downloads" section.

21 Feb 2003: 68882 wanted! As explained in the "Cooling" section I managed to kill my FPU by operating the Apollo uncooled for too long. Now I am looking for a new, working 68882 (33 or 40 MHz, PLCC). Have you got one that you can spare? Please let me know because these chips are hard to get, even on ebay! Yes, I'll pay for it. Thanks!

13 Feb 2003: Most pictures can now be clicked on to get larger and more detailed versions! Also, you can now download a zip archive containing all pictures from this site. You'll find the archive in the "Links" section.

13 Feb 2003: The small web server on the Amiga 600 (see news item below) now displays the current system information when you access it... if you catch me online, that is :-)

6 Feb 2003: I have installed a small web server on the upgraded Amiga 600. You can access the Amiga 600 through this address: http://amiga600.dyndns.org  This will only work when the Amiga 600 is up and running which will not be the case very often. Check my ICQ online status above and if I'm online let me know that you want to access it. I'll then boot the machine. At the moment the A600 is only hosting its own (this) site.

31 Jan 2003: 2175 visitors now! Never thought this would that interesting! Thanks to all surfing by!

31 Jan 2003: Minor updates to a couple of pages.

26 Jan 2003: More than 1200 visitors already! Thanks for surfing by!!

26 Jan 2003: Link to new MacOS picture (FastECS colour driver) added to the "A600's capabilities" page.

25 Jan 2003: SysInfo speed comparison picture added in "How to upgrade" section.

25 Jan 2003: The first 600 visitors have been counted! Thanks for surfing by!

25 Jan 2003: Minor updates to the "What do you need?" and "Links" pages. Screen snapshots added to the "A600's capabilities" page.

24 Jan 2003: Additional information added to the "Modifying the Apollo" section.

19 Jan 2003: The "Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading page" has gone online on its own domain www.amiga600.de! The page is far from being completed. The chapters "PSU" and "modifying the Apollo" still lack some information and pictures. Later on, all pictures on this page will be clickable, displaying larger versions. Also, the picture archive is not yet available for download. So please check back often!