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What is an Amiga 600?

The A600's capabilities

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A600/030 AIBB module: This AIBB benchmark module has been created on my A600, unfortunately only after the 68882 had died (see cooling).
SysSpeed module
: This benchmark module has been created with SysSpeed 2.6, unfortunately also without FPU.
Pic archive (ZIP): Archive (ZIP format) of all pictures on this page (file size 6 megs)
Pic archive (LhA): Same as above as LhA archive (file size 6 megs)

Links (in no particular order):

A1K.org forum
The most active German Amiga forum. A must-visit!
Commodore Computer Online Museum - CCOM
An extremely large and comprehensive Commodore Computer Online Museum. Not only Amigas but also all other computers ever made by Commodore.
a good collection of information about all sorts of Amiga hardware.
The Amiga 600 on the "Amiga OS 4 on Tour" roadshow
-- Show report and pictures of my Amiga 600 and myself.
a good collection of information about all sorts of Amiga hardware.
is a very good, comprehensive and extremely well researched Amiga history page, covering all models in detail including benchmarks, lots of information about all kinds of expansion boards etc. A must see! http://aminet.net/ Aminet is the largest Amiga software collection on the Internet. Updated daily
http://www.icomp.de Individual Computers still manufactures hardware for the Amiga, some usable with the A600.
http://www.e3b.de E3B as well still manufacture hardware for the Amiga, for example the Subway USB card used in the Amiga 600.
http://www.platon42.de Chris Hodges develops the terrific Poseidon USB stack that integrates USB so smoothly into the Amiga's operating system.
http://www.vesalia.de One of the last active Amiga online shops.
http://www.linux-m68k.org Here you will find information about Linux for your Amiga...
http://www.debian.org ...and Debian will provide you with a current distribution
http://shapeshifter.cebix.net/ here you will find the Mac emulators "Shapeshifter" and "Basilisk II". A fast colour display driver for ECS Amigas equipped with 68030 + MMU is "FastECS" (runs with Shapeshifter).
http://www.amiga-news.de is the best source for current Amiga news
http://www.amigafuture.de web pages of the still active Amiga print magazine "Amiga Future"
http://www.whdload.de This is where you find "WHDLoad". This tool will enable you to play virtually all Amiga games from your hard disk and will take care of all possible incompatibilites.

Other Amiga 600 links:

AMICP (Amiga in car project, English). This shows an extremely well made Amiga 600 based in car MP3 player: http://amimpc.world3.net/ 
Kevin Orme's Amgia 600 page: http://www.amigau.com/c-amiga/A600.htm

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