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What is this all about?

What is an Amiga 600?

The A600's capabilities

How to upgrade an Amiga 600...

Software suggestions

Hardware suggestions

Thanks to...

Links and downloads

And the Oscar goes to:

my girlfriend Petra Meyer who DOES suffer from my computer mania...

my "hardware buddy" Chris: The man who did the real work!

Jens Schönfeld: for many emails, constructive help, his HUGE Amiga tech knowledge and keeping the Amiga community alive by still developing hardware for the Amiga and organizing Amiga computer fairs like the ARC 2002.

Chris Hodges, Michael Böhmer and Günter Horbach for their extensive help with the USB upgrade.

Tore Björnsen: whom I have met at the ARC 2002 and who has also equipped his Amiga 600 with an Apollo, sending me good pictures and giving me lots of advice.

Thomas Pirkelmann: for many good pieces of advice

Uli Spreng, "Lemmink", Kevin Orme, Volker Reinhardt and Iggy Drougge for suggestions and comments.

Carl Svensson for his gW3S web server written completely in AREXX that I use on my Amiga 600.

Klaus Dürr and Amiga Freunde Ries for the hosting of the new forum.