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What is this site about?

This site tells the story of me and a friend of mine trying to upgrade an Amiga 600 to the max. Why would you want to do so? Well, hard to explain. It's a freak thing. So if you don't like the Amiga or even don't know what it is, if you've never experienced the wish to do something crazy, well then you better stop reading now. This project was completely irrational -- and therefore one hell lot of fun!

I came up with the idea to purchase an Amiga 600 and get it upgraded early in 2002 when I felt like upgrading an old Amiga just for the fun of it. The Amiga 600, being the least easily upgradable Amiga, seemed to be the right choice :-)

The problem however was: I am an electronics illiterate. When it comes to upgrading an Amiga 600 you *SHOULD* know how to use a soldering iron and you *SHOULD* be quite familiar with electronics stuff, resistors, capacitors etc. Well, what can I say -- I do neither of that!

So what do you do in such a situation? Exactly, you talk a friend into helping you :-) I tend to do so with my very good friend Chris who's already had to help me with all sorts of "I have broken this electronic gadget, can you fix it?" type of problems over the last years -- this was surely the biggest and most annoying project he had to help me with so far. But I've told him already about my Amiga 1200 upgrade plans B-))

This is Chris soldering something for the Amiga 600 -- the connector of the PSU as far as I can see: