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Placing the hard drive

Once the Apollo is put in place, the hard drive doesn't fit into the A600's case anymore -- or at least not at the place it's supposed to. Do NOT put the hard drive on top of the Apollo. This will prevent effective cooling and kill the Apollo or the hard drive (or even both!). If you've followed our advices on how to cool the Apollo properly, you will be unable to do so anyway.

The following picture shows how we have fitted the hard drive. But in general it's up to you. If you've got a better idea where to fit the hard drive, let us know! If you need / want to drill a hole to be able to screw the hard drive onto the case, don't worry. The cases we've test drilled were all very easy to drill and did never break or crack. You'll need a long IDE cable to connect the hard drive to it's connector as you will need to fold it. Be aware that 2,5 inch IDE cables are different from 3,5 inch IDE cables. 

Make sure that the hard drive (above all its circuit board on the bottom) as well gets some fresh air. It can get hot, too!

This is how we connected the hard drive and folded away the cable:

This shows how the hard drive sits in place next to the Apollo.

And this shows how we've screwed the hard drive onto the case: